A New Beginning . . . .

AAs we all know, health care is continuously evolving. For the CNA's in Georgia that is a good thing. Last year, legislature was passed that impacted the role of the Medication Aide. The new law allows for Medication Aide to operate in long-term care facilities (LTC) (nursing homes), as well as in the assisted living facilities. That means more opportunities for those who are certified.

Requirements for the role is that potential participants must be a CNA in good standing on the Georgia state registry, complete a 24-hours course delivered by an approved licensed professional, be checked off for skills competency, and pass the state issued test. The certification is good for 2 years and must be renewed. Don't be fooled by online course (mostly based out of Florida) that claim you will be certified for only $49. That is not accepted in Georgia.

An error as a Medication Aide can have serious effects. So, take your training seriously. Your certification can be revoked for poor performance. However, it will not affect your nurse aide certification. When accepting a position in LTC facilities, make sure that you have adequate orientation and your aide to resident is safe!! As a new medication aide, a ratio of 20 is more than enough!! Also ensure, that a licensed nurse is in the facility with you at all times.

With a new role there comes new responsibility. Always be attentive and focused when you pass meds. Here's to you, Medication Aides, it's a new beginning for you in Georgia!

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